Essential books for fiction writers

If you love to read, there will be one day when you’ll turn the page of the mediocre book with a phrase: “I can do better than this”. And, hopefully, you’ll sit with a pen and paper and will give it a try. Don’t expect to be the next Marques, but be sure that you will like this thrilling feeling of the creative process. You will love it.


Writing and reading everyday – that’s pretty much all you need. Plus, of course, vocabulary, imagination, some grammar rules in your head, a Muse behind your back, a little bit of luck and talent. But why do you listen to me at all? I’m a beginner like you. But the curious one. And all these advices didn’t just popped up in my head – I do read and write everyday and listen to the real Writers. Thanks God, sometimes they share their stories and secrets so we, ordinary people, can feel how it is, to create something from nothing. These books are my personal favorites. They are not notebooks or boring grammar rules with exercises – they are pure perfection and the huge inspiration, written by the greatest Writers about the process and joy of creating a new world we call a Book.

1. Ray Bradbury “Zen in the art of writing”

The death of this man was a loss for the whole world – who knows, how many great ideas lived in his head. Some of the inspiration and hacks by the genius of Mars trips, nostalgic short stories and evergreen fields remained here forever – just open the book.


2. Steven King “On writing: a memoir of the craft”

Another pearl on the bookshelves, dedicated to writing books. Even if you don’t like Steven King’s works (but how dare you?), you’ll definitely gonna love this one. The first part is about the life of the author and the net one is a treasure for a passionate writer-beginner with bright examples, rare writing hacks, and even exercises.


3. Maugham “The art of fiction”



4. Anne Lamott “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life”

Another great guide by a famous American author.


5. Julia Cameron “The right to write”

About books and courses on finding your creative self by Julia Cameron we will talk later – but this one is a real must-read if you decided to take a pen ans start writing, but have no idea what is next.



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