6 books about love and relationships

What can be more complicated, that trying to understand and feel the other person? Nothing I bet. And it’s actually what is modern relationships are about – you try to get this stranger, to live together, to build your life together, be together 24/7. Too much together, right? And how to cope with it then? Yeah, it’s a good question. We all think our ways and surely I have my own opinion, but it’s better to have one your own, right? These 6 books are here to think about and find your answers on typical questions that bother you at night sometimes:

What is love?

Do I love right now? Did I love in the past?

How, damn how we can make it work?


1. The art of loving

Erich Fromm

The brilliant book by a famous psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm that is completely about the nature of love and its kinds and just about LOVE in general. Quite an interesting read.

2. Modern romance

Aziz Ansari

A new guilty pleasure from the charismatic stand-up comic about the undiscovered land – modern relationships with an Iphone in one hand and the laptop in the other.


3. The five love languages

Gary Chapman

Are you and a person you Love speak the same language? How to express love and show this deep commitment you deep inside? For all people, who are already in this love trap and have no idea what’s going on.

4. He is just not that into you: the no-excuses truth to understanding guys

Greg Behrendt

Must-read, girls, this one is a must-read for all of us. +there is a great movie with the same title/topic that really helps.


5. Women who love too much: when you keep wishing and hoping he will change

Robin Norwood

There are moments in life when you just must make copies of this book and read them one by one until you get the understanding that HE WILL NOT CHANGE. And yeah, maybe you love way too much? If you suffer from it – read, read and do not stop reading.

 6. Love, freedom and aloneness


This book is so good that I’m writing about it once again without any hesitations. It will help to understand yourself first and this part is the most important. Everything connected to the other person is just a nex step. But love is inside and freedom is also inside and there is nothing bad in being alone. It’s almost a sacred feeling, appreciate it.


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