How to cook 10 breakfast essentials

Cooking at the morning might be a torture: you still not sure who you are and what you dong here and you need to think about such important issues like breakfast already. Pretty tough, huh? Need some help? There are some easy, healthy, and what’s more important, delicious recipes from cool bloggers around the Web you can use without any worries about the result. Everything is double-tried, double-checked and triple-favourite – mornings just got better.

1. Spanish omelette

You can eat this the whole day – here are not just eggs+milk, but also sweet potatoes, tomatoes and paprika.


2. Baked oatmeal with fruits

Not sure how the baked oatmeal concept works? Check it out!

3. Banana-pumpkin smoothie

Don’t be afraid that it’s just healthy. It tastes reeeealy good too.

4. Quinoa

It’s about time to get used to this weird but really useful for you food. Go, quinoa!


5. Classic Waffles

Oh yeah.


6.  Wicked Avocado Toast With Roasted Red Peppers and an Over Easy Egg

Avocado toast is a divine food anyway, but this mix makes it perfect.

7. Chocolate crepes

Pancakes are not bad too, but crepes are just a lot better (IMHO).

8. Breakfast galettes

Just try it and you are already a fan.


9. Egg scramble

It’s hardly a good morning without eggs on the plate.

10. Fried egg toast

With anything you like. Fell free, it will be tasty anyway. Guaranteed.



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