Art therapy: creative color books

The power of the art-therapy saves the modern world, no kidding. Stop waste your time watching TV shows (although a small portion of TV shows never killed nobody), add some art to your life! And if consider yourself to be without any talent or mad skills we will prove you wrong (we did it once already, btw). We all can create and be engaged in the wonderful creating process along with the arrogant Muse. Let’s do it step-by-step and release our creative energy. These color books for adults is a good cure and a wonderful start.

Relax and feel the inspiration inside!


1. The Enchanted Forest+Secret Garden

These. Two. Are. The. Best. Really. Check the Amazon and buy it only for 15$ or print the pages and lose yourself in these marvelous, tangled lines.


2. Coloring for Grownups

So much fun!

81vl0lemtyl-645x778 escape-the-friend-zone-645x825

3. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns

Delicate and inspired patterns&designs with an anti-stress feature.


4. Fantastic cities

For your inner traveler.


5. Coloring Books for Grownup: Celtic Mandala Coloring Pages: Intricate Mandala Coloring Books for Adults

A fantastic coloring book with beautiful artworks to color inside.

6. Color me good

It works pretty easy: choose your favorite star and have fun. The BC edition – one love.


And what do you think about such color book for adults? Is it a pure joy or just the way to waste your time? Share in the comments below!


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