14 useful kitchen hacks for everyone

We all know the feeling – you cook everyday, you have your favorites and the best ways to do something, but any experiment is always fun and welcome, right? Especially, when these hacks really work and their authors – popular cooks like James Oliver – are the people you can trust. These sometimes obvious, sometimes unexpected pieces of advice can get you all inspired to go straight to the kitchen and cook something delicious. Don’t resist this feeling 😉


1. A drop of vinegar can make the rice really white and all good-looking.

2. The meet can taste completely different if you use the mix of beer, soy sauce, salt, pepper and herbs few hours before cooking.

3. If you are afraid to burn the top of the pie, just cover it with wet paper when it’s done and continue cooking without worries.

4. A cube of ice will make the broth look clear.

5. To cut the hard boiled egg use the wet knife.

6. The ground meat will taste better with raw onions, fried onions, and cut raw potatoes inside.

7. If you want to use less salt in your cooking, partly substitute it with the lemon juice.


8. How to peel raw almonds? Boil them for 5 minutes and it will be the easiest task ever!

9. Add a pinch of salt in your ground coffee and it will taste much better!

10. The meat in the oven with a tasty crispy crust is easy –  add pomegranate juice, honey, wine, cognac or just water.

11. Instead of coating mix or bread crumbs use ground nuts. It’s tasty and healthier!

12. Hit the plates if the dish is hot and the same with cold dishes – it saves the taste and makes it even better.

13. Cook only with dry hands.

14. The vegetable salads taste completely different (much better in fact!) if you add vanilla to it.


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