Growing herbs at home: tips and tricks

Gardening works not only for our moms and grannies – have you ever tried to grow something by yourself? This, in fact, might be not only a relaxing and fascinating hobby but also a useful life hack, when you need fresh herbs for your dinner. Making  small “herb garden” somewhere in the kitchen may actually be a lot of fun! Believe the person, who has a plant named “Minty” growing near the window and ate the first home-made tomato few days ago. That is an unforgettable experience I want to share with you today 🙂 Have fun with your own garden!


1. Mint

Just a perfect plant for everybody. Hard to kill, hard not to use this leaves for making teas, jams and baking.

2. Mushrooms

They grow in the dark cupboard somewhere under the sink and just make you proud of yourself. Who among your friends also has the mushrooms garden, right?

3. Parsley

Just buy it fresh in the nearest store and out in the glass of water (but not too much) for few days. See? Right now you can plant them and enjoy fresh parsley all year round.


4. Radish

One more kind vegetable that is perfectly fine growing somewhere on the table. And get the big pot – then you will have the bigger radish (and a lot more of it, of course).

5. Green onion

To deal with it is such a pleasure! With a motto “don’t care”, it grows every day and everywhere. Great for salads!


6. Lavender

Not so easy to cope with, but this color and smell! O.M.G. Perfect for baking. Want the recipe of this awesome lemon-lavender pie, btw?


7. Lemon

A great challenge that need your time and patience. But the results totally worth it! So find a sunny place, a lemon seed and be prepared to be amazed by the process.

Hope you liked it! Do you grow any herbs at home? Wait for more and enjoy other posts on Dare To Be Better. Have a good day, all of you!


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