Unusual recipes: 7 floral desserts you will love

Floral desserts, right. Everything is correct. These totally amazing edible desserts are made with flowers and you will remember their taste for a long, long time. Thanks to all bloggers that created these fresh floral treats! Here for you – the whole list of the best unusual desserts I could find.

Bake, create, eat, enjoy!

1.Tulip ice-cream

How cute and romantical is it?


2. Lilac Blackberry Syrup

OMG, how people even create this? Just adorable.

3. Flower cake

According to the reviews, the taste is even better than the look. How?!


4. Kulfi with rose petals

Just add some roses to this Indian ice-cream.


5. Cupcakes with violet flowers

Violet jam, flower petals and coconut milk – here is a great combo for your future experiments!


6.  Daffodil and Orange Spring Cake

Did you even know that such baking miracles exist?


7. Cantaloupe in Coconut Rose Cream

If you are not in a mood for heavy desserts that are hard to bake.