The most popular Russian salad “Olivie” step-by-step

Don’t think it’s over – our collection of the most popular Russian recipes any immigrant will miss (and I am one of them!) to be continued. This collection will include 10 of my Mom’s best Russian-Ukranian dishes that may seem exotic for you, but it’s so delicious! Just give it a try with this Russian food flash mob from Dare To Be Better and enjoy the tasty results!

Today let’s talk about the most, most popular recipe in the Soviet Union, which is alive and popular right now as well. Any birthday, New Year…you will see this easy but gorgeous salad everywhere!

Let me introduce youOlivie“, which has nothing in common with French cuisine (although it was invented there). It is very simple, cheap, delicious and so USSR.


As any salad, Olivie is really easy to cook. You just chop everything and add mayonnaise, maybe a little bit of mustard and pepper as well. Done!

But the mix of these ingredients makes the taste almost perfect. Oh yeah, this taste is unforgettable.

The main ingredients are:

-ham, sausage or chicken breast (250g)

-4 potatoes

-1 carrot

-1 onion

-sweet peas


-4 eggs

That’s all. Pretty easy, right? Try the most popular salad in Russia ever and share your experience! Look for more Russian recipes here and…Bon Appetit!


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