Top-5 popular writing exercises

The idea of getting better in your writing through various exercises sounds tempting, right? It’s like bask in shool – you do this and that and you have almost a guaranteed result that you will be better. And this is what we are looking for, so let’s begin with the TOP-5 writing exercises you can find in three extremely popular books on writing (“Becoming a writer”, “Bird by bird” and ” The artist’s way”) In fact, there are a lot more books with exercises on writing (we will talk about this topic in details later), but this list – is your first step toward the writing success.

Just follow them carefully and do your best!


TOP-5 exercises on writing:

5. Learn to see yourself objectively

The first exercise of the book “Becoming a writer” is really simple – it teaches you to see oneself objectively. All you need – to switch on the imagination and turn yourself into your own object of attention.

You are near the door. Get up and go through it. What do you like, standing there? How do you walk, what could be gathered of you and your character? 

Just accept that you know nothing about yourself and do this from time to time, in different situations. Look at yourself. What do you see right now? What can you say about this person?

4. Writing on schedule

One more obvious, but useful hacks from Dorothea Brande – teach yourself to write on schedule and never miss this writing sessions. And saying never we mean never. Accept writing as a debt of honor, no excuses! The goal is to teach yourself to write at a given moment.

You have decided to work at 4 o’clock, and at 4 o’clock write you must! No excuses can be given.

3. Morning pages are the key towards effortless writing

it seems that half of the writing books just keen on the idea of morning pages. Especially Julia Cameron and her “The artist’s way”, but an author of “Becoming a writer” too. The idea is simple, but really effective – rise half an hour earlier than usually and without talking, eating, reading, asap start to write. write anything that comes into your head and do not show it to people, don’t re-read it by yourself. Just write, you’ll see the impressive results of it later.

 2. Try “just writing”

Do You have zero ideas in your head? Ok, don’t worry. Sit, relax and then you might start by writing down every single thought and thing you can remember right now. Do it everyday and try to sit down at approx. the same time every day. This is how you train your unconscious to kick in for your creativity. And that’s how you find fresh ideas if you are stuck.

1.Short assignments

For this idea we must be thankful to the book “Bird by bird” and the thing is really brilliant! It called “short assignments” and all you have to do is to write down as much as you can see through the one-inch picture frame. Don’t know where to start? Just take your tiny frame and describe a character or a random episode, jut start doing something and then you’ll have the rest!

What do you think about these exercises and their effectiveness? How do you improve your writing? Share in the comments below!

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