Writer’s block: how to break through the wall

Today’s piece of advice is from the nice book “The art of war for writers” (not awesome, but still useful. Every printed word is useful if you are eager to write, in fact) about the writer’s block and how to overcome it. The google says that there are something like 10 types of this creative disease and blah-blah, but let’s skip it and come straight to the point – what to do if you can’t write a word (not mentioning a whole Phrase)?


There are 5 effective ways to overcome your writing silence:

1. Write anything

Write anything that is NOT your novel/blog post/article. Never tried to write screenplays, poems and anecdotes? it’s time to have writing fact and forget for a second about the serious work you can’t done. You’ll get to it later. And, suddenly, you’ll have a lot to say. Magic 😉

2.Behold it

Do as Ray Bradbury – sometimes, when he was stuck writing something, he looked at himself in the mirror and said “Behold, Herman Melville!” Then he usually sat down and continued to write. You can do the dame: take on of your favourite authors, day the magic “Behold it,__” phrase, then sit down and write.

3.Make music

Indulge your hobbies, try to do something completely different. Even if you are bad in music/dancing/painting/singing…who cares? Right now you are bad in writing either. Take a rest, ok?

4.Rewrite from scratch

Got stuck with revisions? Sometimes all you need is just to rewrite large sections from scratch, without looking back at your original draft. Same story, new words. Painful? A little bit. But the main part – it works!

5.Low your standards

American poet William Stafford offers this advice: “There is no such thing as writer’s block for writers whose standards are low enough.” This may sound terrible at first. “What? He wants me to write junk or what?” No, Stafford is not encouraging writers to produce garbage. He is saying, that sometimes you take yourself too seriously. Relax. Jus write, do not judge and think much. And yeah, maybe it’s time to take a rest again?



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