How to create a writing self-improvement program

Check all the available books on writing, and only in the few that really suck (sorry, but such books are everywhere) you won’t find a paragraph about self-improvement. ” A good writer is never convinced that he is good enough” – these books keep telling us along with some really useful tips on how to get better. All books have their own exercises and methods, but the one in the last book I read impressed me the most. “The art of war for writers” suggests that every writer start his own writing improvement program, designed by himself. What is it and how it works? Let’s dig deeper.

  • Such rigorous program homes in on the important areas of your endeavor, taking into account your particular needs. To put it simple, you need to know your weak spots and train them in a special notebook from time to time, especially when you are not satisfied with your writing and feel that your prose became dull and trite.


How to create and use a writing self-improvement program: examples

  1. Start with the authors you admire, that write in the genre you like and whose books/articles do the most for you. Find several paragraphs that really sing. Make the copies of these outstanding pages, word by word. Every now and then copy the paragraphs again, read them out loud, incorporate the rhythms and endless possibilities of these writers in your work.
  2. Do you have a small vocabulary? Write all the words you don’t know or use very often from the books you love. Don’t like the structure of your sentences? Make a cheme from a great sentence you just saw like Noun+Verb+adjective etc. and make your own sentence with other words but in the same order. Learn from the books you love!
  3. Write down all the outside comments. Make a section in your notebook for all the meaningful reviews, feedback and comments you get. Read them every now and then, find your weak spots and something you are really good at.
  4. Self-study and “handmade” exercises are really important in this program. For example, you feel that you need an exercise called “Creating Sympathetic Characters”. Write out a specific question: How can I create characters that readers will bond with? Next, make a list of all the novels where you really connected with the characters on an emotional level. Re-read them with this question in mind, underlining passages and writing down all the important moment in your magical notebook.

-To be continued!-


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