Constant sources of writer’s inspiration and ideas

Here you are again – the blank screen is in front of you, fingers are ready to move, but the head – oops- is so empty. Zero ideas and even less than a zero of inspiration happen to all of us, and it’s totally normal. But here you have two choices:

  1. To say something like “Oh well, maybe next time” and do hiking, baking or knitting (anything that doesn’t consists words, please)
  2. Or to be brave, take a deep breath and write, just anything until something interesting occurs to you.


To follow these tips on constant sources of writing inspiration, that are taken from different books on writing. Hope, everybody will found some important piece of inspiration here. Beat the writer’s block with these easy tools!


Where can you possibly find your ideas for the next piece of writing? Follow me.

1.The facts of your life

“Write about what you know” is advice that every writer hears. And we actually know a lot of things, an infinite number of things! But because our knowledge is rooted in personal experience, we usually dismiss it. Don’t. The trick is just to take an objective look at what you know and jot down some important “facts” of your life. It can be anything that makes you special.

2.Sensory perception

You can’t possibly find all the ideas inside you. a lot of them are in the world around you. Train yourself to consider everything you hear, smell, taste or touch as a potential feature article or short-story.

3. Referential treatment

Some of the great ideas -especially for trend-spotting features – can be easily found in non-fiction and bland places like trade, technical, scientific publications.

4. Find inspiration in nature

Just stand up and go for a walk.

5. Internet

The Web is a huge source of inspiration. Watch the TED video to learn about new ideas and inspirational people, read blogs, your favorite e-magazine or just use a hashtag #Inspiration. Pintrest and tumbler has a lot of creative staff!

6. Use your possibilities

Go to a place you’ve never been (even if it’s a cafe few blocks away), try something new, start a new hobby at least for few days

7. People are a great inspiration sometimes

Ask your family and friends unexpected questions like what do they love the most and what they are grateful for, listen to their stories. Ask someone about the childhood – everyone has at least one weird story that can inspire you in many different ways.

And where do YOU find your inspiration? Share in the comments below!


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