Easy psychology for everyone (books+PDF downloads!)

Self-improvement is a life-long task when you can try to feed your mind with any ideas you want. In my humble “nerd” opinion, the psychology concepts, facts and theories are a great way to get smarter and make your life better. How you see yourself, the problems, people around, how you behave and what you are saying – all from this list is so important, that our topic of the self-improvement process won’t be whole without a collection of psychology books.

What I am suggesting today are great, interesting (!) books on psychology you can easily use in your everyday life and that can even entertain you, smartypants! + 3 free PDF downloads.


1. The Psychology Book (Big ideas simply explained)

The most relaxed books with a great aim: to keep you interested, entertained and expose to some important psychology ideas at the same time. Enjoy!


2. Psych101

A brief introduction course like in the University (Btw, congrats with the beginning of the new semester, you all!) on psychology that won’t keep you bored and sleepy.

Download PDF

3. Psychology – David Myers


Consider it to be the best textbook ever. Myers’ writing style is really informative and easy to understand, and he managed to make everything interesting (Even the history of psychology looks like an intriguing fairy tale, wow). Be prepared to a burning desire to change your major 😉

Download PDF

4. Essentials of Understanding Psychology – Feldman R.S.


One more classic for the self-improvement. Always wondered why you behave ECAXTLY like this in a particular situation? This book will explain a lot.

Congrats with the new semester again and happy studying 🙂 

Download PDF


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