Activity books for your creativity and imagination

Improve your creative flow and imagination. You heard about it a lot, right? But how actually to fo it?

What is the universal recipe that makes you a creative person with a bright imagination and a lot of amazing inspirational ideas in your head?

Oh God, that’s not that easy…BUT possible. As everything you need to achieve in this life, it requires time and commitment. No surprise here. But it’s not the math classes after all – it’s a lot of fun, actually, to make your brain work in a creative way and make the new connection between the neurons and blah-blah. I already wrote about coloring books for adults, but they are more for the stress relief when the Keri Smith books are directly for you creative abilities.


The books I recommend to try:

  • “The imaginary word of…”. This was the first book of KS that I finished somewhat in a week. And when I say this I mean that I forgot about everything and just doodled my world, page by page. The result was somewhat crazy and embarrassing (I won’t show this book to anyone. Actually I want to see it burn in flames). But it was a lot of fun!
  • “Wreck this journal”. The most popular book, obviously for really angry people.
  • “Finish this book”. All writers with a writer’s block are welcomed!
  • “How to be an explorer of the world”. Never tried, but this is going to be my next attempt to awake my creative self 🙂
  • Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes. Hate mistakes? Don’t. Beat this perfectionist inside!


Does this help?

Oh yeah, it helps a lot. Your brain constantly needs changes and substitute such amazing interactive book for boring TV shows can change the way you think and feel, really. I’m not a professional, but this is based on my experience and I can tell that even 15 minutes with this book makes you better. And this is what our blog about, right?

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