Embrace your inner grammar guru with Grammar Girl

English grammar became a problem #1 for me lately. I put all my amazing Russian books aside (*sigh*) and read English, write English, and, of course, find a lot of awesome writing tools and books I want to share with you. The treasure of this month is a Grammar Girl. For the first time in my life, I found an entertaining grammar book with adorable characters like squiggly and aardvark and really useful tips. 


So choose one of these books (better all of them, step-by-step), play the podcast and prepare to write better! Grammar rules were never so tempting before.


Grammar Girl offers a new perspective on boring English grammar and this is really something you need asap. You can choose from:

  • popular Grammar Girl podcast – free and so useful if you like grammar as much as we all here;
  • “Quick and dirty tips for better writing” seems to me too elementary. But it’s really interesting to read and something to begin with.
  • “Grammar devotional” is a collection of small grammar tips, quizzes, comics you can enjoy everyday. Also, a lot of these tips are too easy, IMHO, but it’s a fun book to read.
  • “The Ultimate Writing Guide for students“(!)  is the best among all these book, really. The book begins with simple things like nouns or verbs, but then..omg, I want to have this book to read every night before going to bed. I want to learn it by heart. I want to carry it with me everywhere and all the time.



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