The art of styling sentences: 20 patterns to successful writing(+PDF download)

Sometimes I feel like an ad company, constantly writing about one or another book: but they are so useful I just can’t stop sharing them. Yesterday in the bookstore I spent maybe 20 minutes explaining to some random Arabic guy the benefits of the different books to improve his English, while the sales women just stayed there with her eyes wide open. I bet she didn’t hear about the half of them (or maybe about the whole list). Still, my English is awful, and I continue my search of useful writing books, full of exercises, writing tips, tricks, and hacks.

And here is my new treasure: The art of styling sentences!

It’s the first book I actually ordered online to have it here with me all the time, and I’m already deeply in love with it. It contains 20 amazing patterns and exercises that help you to build more profound sentences in English more confidently. Whether you are a native speaker or just me, this book is so amazingly full of information that it will help everyone who needs some help with beautiful, yet so complicated English language. The next posts will show how the structure of my sentences will be improved, and by now I believe people on that claim this book to be a real life-saver.

The art of styling sentences PDF, download here.



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