Book subscription services: Kindle Unlimited vs. Oyster vs. Scribd

You know, in the Russian-speaking world everything is eathier for bookworms – we can download almost every book for free. Yup. You just found it in paperback, and I can finish reading it on my Kindle. With switching to English books, my life became unbearable. My Kindle was empty for weeks, because come on, guys – if you have a choice between the new book in Barnes&Nobles and some ebook that costs the same, the choice is pretty obvious, right? Thank God, I discovered the book subscription option, then tried them one by one and today want to share my sometimes sad, sometimes exciting experience.


Kindle Unlimited

If you have a Kindle, Kindle Unlimited seems to be the most logical choice. You pay just $10 per month, have access to over a million titles, can try a free, 30-day trial, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Sorry, but you are going to be disappointed…

The thing is that almost all books you can find and read fo free are from self-publishers (90%=a total crap). As for me, I found eight books I want to read and with the rule that you can’t have more than ten books at a time – I’m done. 30 free days are enough to read a few books on writing and Margaret Atwood. Then – it just not worth your time.


I’m in love with you, magical online library! Here and I guess only here with a $9 fee you can feed your inner bookworm non-stop. Read, listen, look (comics are also included) guilt-free. However, don’t imagine it to be a Barnes&nobles store online with free books. The selection is limited, but at least you can download the unlimited number of books and some of them you actually want to read.Oh, and the design of the service is fantastic!


I wish I could say more about this book service, but, unfortunately, they will be closed soon. Maybe someone knows why? I enjoyed this service as well, and I guess this would be my choice number 2 if you can’t have Scribd subscription (have no idea what could hold you from it, though). Anyway, it was a nice service and kindle unlimited has the examples of how they should look like. Kindle Unlimited, pleeease…

Do you use any book subscription services? Do you like them? Why? Share your favorites with other bookworms below!


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