Grammarly subscription challenge

The promises of this app, like always, were great: you write anything you want, and the smart machine makes it looking like a piece of cake. I tried the free Grammarly for months. I just opened the editor (the nice and functional, by the way), and correct mistakes there. Sometimes app helped me but always wrote something like “there are 20 advanced issues. Buy premium to see and correct them, blah-blah”. Finally, I was ready. Ok, I thought, this sounds like a dream. I make an awful number of mistakes; the smart app edits and corrects everything. Why not? But then I bought a month subscription ($30) and…


  1. First of all, they will promise you a 7-day trial. How dies it works? Tricky. They charge you after the 5 minutes and…nothing. I canceled my subscription on the fourth day. I filled the refund request. I did everything they wanted me to do. Nothing. No money back, no feedback, but at leat the subscription is still valid until the end of the month. For such a big app, this move, this false “money back guarantee”, is just a dirty trick I didn’t understand.
  2. Why I even canceled the subscription? The app simply doesn’t work in the promised way. It can add missed articles, it can advise you to change the word nice to beautiful, and that’s all! A lot of mistakes just stay unnoticed. Instead, the app tries to fix the parts that are perfectly fine.
  3. I wish I would believe the honest reviews from other websites. No one can edit your work except you or a professional proofreader. Nobody.
  4. ->So… don’t rely on the fancy promises. Learn grammar, learn how to build sentences, enhance your vocabulary with a dictionary. You can do this. And do not waste your money, ok? You need Grammarly ONLY if you can’t build a simple sentence, or forget about commas in complex sentences, or make silly mistakes all the time. Then, the app can change your “than and then”, add a/an/the or a comma when necessary (but not always).

All in all, we all need to make mistakes in order to learn. And correcting this mistakes is a huge part of learning process. Right? Thus, it’s better to take one of the grammar books and embrace your inner grammar guru instead of wasting money on the “writing app” that is even worse in writing than you.

This is the best example of what kind of mistakes Grammarly can fix :D
This is the best example of what kind of mistakes Grammarly can fix 😀

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