Spellbinding Sentences: A Writer’s Guide to Achieving Excellence and Captivating Readers

Here is the one and only reason why I subscribed to the Kindle Unlimited. I was reading this book from time to time in Barnes&Nobles and wished to buy it passionately. But American nannies are not that rich (alas!). So I was going to the nearest store instead to buy something I can eat and just sighed sadly in front of this book every time. But then, a few days ago I noticed that this new, amazing, useful, wonderful book among the not-so-amazing kindle unlimited books. And I made my choice. And I’m happy.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to read this book too if you are keen on writing:

  1. Practice, practice, and practise again -it’s the motto of the writer and -finally!- she doesn’t persuade you that you are talented, your inner writer is inside blah-blah. Instead, she says: “ok, you ant to write, It happens. It’s hard work; you know?” and compare the writing process with craft, when to succeed you need to practice every move.
  2. Full of exercises that actually work. Just follow them carefully. And do every day, at least one bit at a time.
  3. The whole book is built like a college course: step-by-step, with careful guidance and useful tips.
  4. Exactly in this book, the writer is not focused on ideas, plot, characters, etc. Instead, she aims at given all the necessary tools for you in order to express ideas. IMHO, it’s all you need. If you want to be a writer, you already have something to say, right? With this book, you can learn HOW to say so readers won’t fall asleep.
  5. She is just a great person that wrote a lot not only about the structure of sentences but also the writing hacks, life, etc. Moreover, her book is just sooo interesting to read! Like you are chating with a talented author and teacher who wants to help you with her whole heart.
  6. T6431

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