Explore the World with Lightning Guides

A great present for nerds and bookworms hit the shelves of Books A Million recently. I have no idea, but maybe other bookstores are also lucky to have the collection of mini books called “Lightning Guides”, which provides the complex exploration of the exciting topics by the leading experts. (Moreover, you can always order them on Amazon) To put it simple, it’s easy and entertaining read that expands your horizons and make you think about some amazing thinks like:

  • the colonization of Mars
  • secret societies
  • life and history of Cuba
  • the importance, history, and future of social media etc. 


All in all, what you see here is the quick smart magazine you can read while enjoying your cup of coffee. Be ready to repeat “Oh wow, really?” and be amazed by beautiful pictures and highly attractive design of these mini books! 🙂 Enjoy!