Word Smart-building an educated vocabulary (+pdf download!)

Speaking about the word hoard, there is one more painless way to build a big and, most important, educated vocabulary fast. Of course, reading books and “smart” newspapers/magazines with a pen and dictionary is a good idea for anyone who feels that there are simply not enough words to describe all he or she feels. However..there is an easier way. The latest discovery – Word Smart Books – impressed me with their simple yet effective idea to teach people all the essential words they need to sound “smart”. In other words, the vocabulary they need in order to understand the “smart” books, magazines, websites, etc.


What is so special about this method?

The book contains over 1000 words, but not the random or long words with unclear meaning for 99% of average people. Instead, the authors scanned the most used, essential words from the primary sources like “Wall Street Journal” or news to deliver an A-Z book with the necessary words simple explained+the memorable examples where these words are used.


Compare to dozens of other books like “100 words to sound smart” etc., this is really an interesting book. As for me, I spend a few hours just reading it beginning with A, then ordered a print copy. Here is the PDF version, but the book is so good, it deserves to be on your shelf. IMHO.

“Word Smart” PDF Download



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