Check out the best headlines ever written

Everybody who had the necessity to put a few words together stumbled across the most frustrating part of creating an article – yes, HEADLINES, we are talking about you right now. Ok, you finally managed to create a few paragraphs and even found the main idea in this mess, but with the special function of the headlines – to draw reader’s attention –  you need to take your time thinking about the best option. After all, the headline includes the first few words of your masterpiece (don’t be humble!) and these poor words will be judged the most.


Even if you are all Shakspeare in the main body of the article but made the most boring headline ever, your chances to be noticed are so smaaa-a-al. Sorry.

What am I suggesting? First, check out this PDF document originally created by the Magnetic Marketing Services that include 350 of the best headlines ever written. Sounds cool, right? And about the next steps we will talk a little bit later.

Here is the whole document for the headline-obsessed readers and a few examples for the bunch of curious people who have no idea why they are actually reading this.



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