5 Christmas holidays reads + 1 movie

Winter sadness is too common to forget about. It’s a season of snow rains, romantic, light sadness, laziness. Especially during the Christmas holidays, the urge to unplug from the reality is just too strong. Not to mention alcohol and drugs (:D), movies and books must help better than any remedies (there are even studies that show that books are the leader in relaxing and making out mind a peaceful and quite place). Just relax and leave this boring world for a few hours. It’s most likely that you’ll come back with more strength and desire to keep going.


1.”If on a winter’s night a traveler”

Italo Calvino

The book that is more complicated that the puzzle and is about the bookworms in the world of books, authors, mysteries. Everything is so bookish and captivates your mind so easily, that you are most likely to spend the whole night reading non-stop. This amazing book adventure worse it!

2.  “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Margaret Atwood

Not an anti-utopia as you would wish to see it: the unrealistic yet scary world of Atwood is just a fantasy, but it’s going to make you shiver. Margaret is a feminist in every book she published, but here you are going to feel it with your skin. It’s a scary new world she made up here.

3. “The Little Prince”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Beloved, small, and heart-warming classic.


4. “The ocean at the end of the lane”

Neil Gaiman

The tale with an adult nostalgia on every page will make you almost crying about the past – your childhood, friends, games, all you left behind. This tiny book with huge memories might be as well the new definition of lyrical.


5. “The keys of the Kingdom”

J. Cronin

It’s Christmas after all (even when the weather still can’t accept it), and this book is, at the first sight, about God, and our path toward Him. If you are not religious, don’t stop reading! This book is so powerful that even the atheists will forget about their beliefs for a while. However, in a broad sense – it’s a book about kindness, a book about each one of us; the book that  has the super power to make you a little better after each time you read it.

BONUS: “Love songs” movie


Usually, I do not recommend movies (w are all about books here, right?), but let’s make an exception! The french movie full of feelings, marvelous songs, and romantic atmosphere is all you need when you want finally to exhale and spend the wonderful Christmas evening.



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