Books on becoming a freelancer you can’t miss

Not everything can be taught. Or no? The modern world strongly disagrees with this statement constantly offering an approach “if you want it- you can do it”. Websites on coding, apps on playing a guitar, books on…everything. And as the number of people who can switch on a computer grows, so grows the number of self-help books and self-taught professionals. Now the book industry offers us to take a great opportunity and become a freelancer. Hm…why not?

Among the rows of pretty much the same books with catchy headlines and some goofy covers – including the mouse and a typewriter or the insanely happy man – I found two books that won’t waste your time. They are pretty cheap and their wise words are not printed glossy paper, but the content worth your attention. Have a look!

Job opportunities for freelance work from home

“Writer for hire”

101 secrets to freelance success


Despite the plain cover and worn-out title (101 secrets…why not 99?) , I would reccomend to read it in the nearest Barnes&Nobles while having a cup of Starbucks. The best part is the examples – of cover letters, resume, writing samples, etc. Moreover, the posiive attitude like “just start it and you’ll get the first job tomorrow” (which is not true but anyway) is a great source of inspiration. And a motivator to kick start this as soon as possible.

“Get a freelance life”


Get a few new tips on editing, writing, findfing the right journals. Also, this book offered an unusual idead – to find writing jobs on craiglist. *Need to try this.* Right now the best source I can recommend is, the freelance website from Pittsburg. Once you started, got the first job and 5-star riview, it’s a real thing! But back to the book – it might be not a magical wand that would transform you into a freelance guru, but it’s not completely useless. The beginners should find some really interesting paragraphs, I promise.