Principles of learning the new language: “Fluent forever or Fluent in 3 months?

I’m absolutely in love with the shelves in the bookstore with a beautiful tag “language arts” (or plane “references”..shame on you, Barnes&Nobles). Anyway, this is the best corner in every store – full of weird books with glossy paper (Inspiration for writers, writer’s journal, plot whisperer, etc.) and some real gems like the last trend – books on learning foreign languages. Not a particular language, not a set of useful words or boring grammar, but just principles of learning. Any. Language. Sounds cool, but what is inside the bright cover and the tempting title? Is it going to help? Let’s have a look together.


Meet “Fluent forever”, the book that so far is the best on the market. There are a few reasons for this and here is a humble list just to name a few.

“Fluent forever”


  • the book offers practical tips you can start applying in your learning situation whenever you like
  • the paragraphs on memory, exercise, and some smart staff on how our brains work and learn are priceless
  • the story of the author inspires more than the whole special “inspiration books”
  • the language is plain, the text is engaging and fun to read
  • the tips on learning any language really work! Of course, it requires hard work and some of your time but what doesn’t?
  • The appendix at the end of the book is a must-have.

To put it simply, the book is just working. You have some scientific staff, you have practical parts. However…


  • the author makes too much emphasis on the flash cards. How they look like, how to make them…we know about 90% of this staff, ok? Thank you.
  • The book lacks real exercises to apply the theoretical paragraphs.
  • The book is pricey and you won’t find it online.
  • Not enough to learn a language. But as an engaging and helpful Sunday read this book is perfect!


Fluent in 3 months

Nice book, great cover, you can even download it online. But as to content… mmm. In comparison to this book, “Fluent forever” has no theoretical paragraphs at all. Let me make is clear: the book is nice. Somehow inspirational. Give you a hope that you can speak 10 languages soon as well. But that’s pretty much it. Just a story of a person that did it. And now this smartypants encourages you to learn new languages too. How? Mmm… don’t hope to find the answer here; this book doesn’t have any particular advice for you.

 So, basically, it’s your turn to decide whether you want to become fluent in 3 months (without any particular proof of your fluency or a way to achieve it) or work hard and become fluent forever. But it will take much, muu-uch longer.