When love=addiciton

To be a love addict equals being addicted to any substance like alcohol or drugs.It’s a tough experience and maybe only women can fully understand why. Seriously, why it happens and what to do about it? I read countless books about it, but maybe one website helped me the most. It’s all about all spiritual kind of stuff, but the article called “What to do if you are addicted to men” makes a lot of sense. At least, to me. Most importantly, everything works exactly as described.

Following these steps may take time and a lot of efforts (breaking old habits is always tough, right?), but it is worse it. Everyone who fell in love and can’t think about anything else (suffering meantime of course) will understand. So I translate and post it here with a humble hope that it will help some girls that are just like me – dependable, frequently addicted, and eager to change it. As for me, this post is going to be a perfect reminder. I’m still in the process of changing.


  1. If you depend on somebody, it’s a bright sign that you don’t have enough of something in your life.

Whether it’s care, gifts, compliments, or safety. Just look what attract you to this man and give it to yourself. Concentrate on your relationships: usually, it’s a lack of something in your life that make you crave this man so badly. Money? A lot of people around? Entertainments? Go and get it, keeping in your mind that everything that makes you happy/sad is inside you, not outside.


2. Fill the gap

Once you realized what part of the puzzle is missing, it’s time to have it in enormous quantities, so you and your mind will be full of pleasure, not him. Go to the movies every day if it what makes you happy. Go to the bar. Did you like his gifts and shopping together? Work hard one week and spend everything during the next one. Just buy everything you ever wanted. Listen to the music you wanted. Draw, start to play the guitar, visit another state or country, if all these are in your priorities. If all these made you happy when you were with him.


3. Double check

In a good mood imagine you two together for 5 seconds. If you are calm and happy, here is the visible progress. But if you are still overwhelmed with the euphoria  -> go to step 1. Fall in love with yourself and give everything you want from him. Fill the gap. Because, you know, it’s good to be madly in love when the other person loves you back and it’s the third day of your romance. But to be addicted to men for years..? Honestly, you have everything you need even without him. Love is not an aim – just a pleasant addition. Keep it in mind, ok?

P.S.: All this suffering looks good in songs, movies, but in real life? No and no again. Do not confuse love with addiction. Two different things. Yeap.