Build and design a website (+HTML and CSS PDF Download)

The statement that almost anyone needs a personal website nowadays needs no proof. We all now that whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just a creative individual, having your website is a must for finding your readers. Of course, you can use the platforms like Blogger and WordPress, but it’s the good option for bloggers rather than for promoting your business.

The last is easy to achieve by creating a personal website, and today you can do it by yourself, even if the word “coding” gives you goosebumps. Do not worry – here is the introduction to basics of HTML and CSS that won’t scare you. I’ll tell you more – once you begin, it will become a fun way to spend your leisure time!


Before you start your coding career on Treehouse or CodeAcademy (the best website t learn how to code, IMHO), I strongly advise you to start with the old proven way to learn anything – reading a book. A little bit of colorful theory, inspiration and first thought on “what’s going on” won’t be useless, believe me.


PDF download: HTML and CSS


The best book on creating a personal website I’ve ever seen. Why?

  • Colorful, full of pictures and notes
  • Stylish, with great design
  • Contains tons of valuable information
  • Suitable for any beginner
  • The unusual and effective way of presenting the information
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Fun to read and learn!

Are you ready to design and build your first website? Do you know any good books on coding? Share in the comments below!