Kickstart your New Year’s resolutions with 30 days of yoga

Realizing that writing about sports is not exactly my thing, I finally decided to share this great yoga hack with you. It’s a new year after all and we all had resolutions or just intentions to change something. And nothing can be more motivating than accepting some kind of challenge. And today, on my self-improvement blog, I share the best resource you could find to start practicing yoga. 


Believe me, I tried everything before since yoga was my dream for years:

  • I took classes
  • I downloaded special apps
  • I read book on meditation and making a pretzel out of yourself

And, finally, my nerd path was over when I stumbled upon the most positive YouTuber you can imagine!

Adriene and her yoga channel are just awesome! There are tons of funny, useful, and entertaining yoga videos, but I propose you to start your yoga journey by taking a 30-days challenge. I like this idea so much (and it’s exactly what I was looking for), that I decided to share it with you with a humble hope that you’ll find it useful as well.

Practice yoga only 15-30 minutes a day with a carefully designed program (each day is something new!) laugh with Adriene, enjoy her great jokes, and explore the endless possibilities of your body, mind, and soul.


!!!Attention, the important question: What can be more fun and easier to kickstart those fitness goals this year, huh?


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Yoga anyone?