The most unusual hobby you probably didn’t know about: BJD dolls

I discovered these hand-made beauties maybe five years ago when my sister tried to make her first doll. It appeared to be a tough challenge for her, since making one BJD dolls may take not weeks, but months.


Before her life changing project (she is a professional doll maker right now), I even didn’t know they exist – the porcelain dolls that look and move like real people. Originally, BJD dolls are from Asia and the most authentic are those that made in Japanese style (manga and other stuff I’m not very good at). However, the world doesn’t know that Russia is the second country who develop the genuine love to these fragile creatures.

There are hundreds of doll makers in Russian and even more people with huge collections of porcelain people. In fact, the Russian BJD dolls are totally different than their Asian sisters and, as for me, they look even better. The Russian style made them more realistic, dreamy, unique, given that every part of the doll, including the dress and jewelry, is hand-made and one of a kind. Here are only a few examples of unusual BJD dolls made in Russian you are going to love.

  • Did you know that it usually takes 3 months of everyday work to make ONE doll like this? Just imagine how patient, creative, and determined you should be to create something THAT beautiful.
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HOWEVER, not everyone enjoys the art of making a real-looking dolls. Some people find them creepy and even scary. And what do YOU think? Would you try to make a unique doll for yourself just out of interest or buy one? Why? Why not?