Learning lettering and calligraphy step by step

In fact, the picture above sums up everything you need to know in order to begin with calligraphy today –  the art on the edge of drawing, writing, and craft that slowly dies every day because of the computers and extinction of hand-lettering. I was interested in calligraphy for years and, to be honest, my handwriting is not even close to accurate, clear, and beautiful letters. But it’s never too late to start something and soon after I discovered that calligraphy can be a lot of fun! If you also want to add valuable skills along with unusual hobby to your life, welcome! Let’s explore the wonders of calligraphy together!


Note: you don’t need any fancy tools and skills in order to begin. It’s best to start using the usual black pen and ordinary paper. That’s it! Later you can start spending money on ink, expensive paper, etc.

Step 1:

To become inspired and really interested in this new craft I propose to watch the short courses from Skillshare. They are fun, they are engaging, colorful, and, most of all, full of potential ideas for you. Here are Top-8 calligraphy video classes with great teachers of this online community:


Step 2:

Once you are motivated enough to begin your own journey, it’s time to read the right book which will explain the topic in more depth.

The art of calligraphy PDF download: the-art-of-calligraphy-by-david-harris

Step 3:

Practice, practice, and practice!

Find the worksheets, workbooks, and other online materials (there are literally tons of them !) and practise at least once a day.

Worksheet PDF: Beginning-Calligraphy-Handout


Step 4:

Copy others!

Don’t be ashamed to start by copying the works of people whose work you admire. I’m in love with the master from NY and her blog Paperfinger (http://paperfinger.com/). Maybe this source can become your inspiration as well.

paperfinger-ligature-engrav (1).jpg

Step 5:

Find your own style!

Once you had enough practice and theory, it’s time to experiment with fonts, sayings, composition, etc. To begin with here is a great website where you can type your phrase and see it written in different fonts (http://www.dafont.com/).

Good luck and remember that the main part is that you enjoy what you are doing. However, the beautiful hand lettering is a promising hobby that can become your passion or business idea one day!


Here is one valuable lesson for everyone who tries to start a new hobby or learn something new. Make it a habit: finish each study session with the easiest task possible you can complete no matter what and in not time. This will make you more determined, inspired, and ready to move on!