What book to read?

Bookworms are like fashion girls: while they don’t have anything to wear, we don’t have anything to read. And it doesn’t matter that your Kindle don’t have any free space anymore and you need to buy the second bookshelf for the new treasures that are temporary stored on the floor.

I have NOTHING to read, ok?

It was my headache for years until finding the Goodreads, the Russian analog of it( LiveLib), and today’s curious finding – Whichbook. (http://www.openingthebook.com/whichbook/)

What to do with Goodreads and how you can spend hours there just finding new books and reading reviews I guess everyone knows. But WHichbook is not a fancy website everybody knows about. Rather it’s a small project that help you to find the right book by arranging different factors like “No sex”-“A lot of sex”, “Sad”-“Happy”, etc. Just move the slide bar and the small and helpful website will show you the best matches it could generate.

So if you have a free minute, why not to find your next perfect read for the next weekends?