Fiction writing master class or how to write like famous authors (PDF)

We all have favorite authors that write exactly like we would love to write one day. So probably you’ll be glad to discover a brilliant book that explain HOW they did it and, most importantly, teach you how to copy their style and apply their tricks into your writing. Moreover, it’s just a fun, easy-to-read book that do not remind the boring textbooks at all. Rather it’s a fun read for aspiring authors and readers who have they own idols in the world of literature.

Ray Bradbury, Leo Tolstoy, Balzac…you name them and he or she will be mentioned in this fantastic book! And if you not sure that this book will be any help, there is nothing wrong in learning from the masters. I would say it’s highly recommended as it was the proven way to teach for years (and it’s a mystery why this method is not used anymore).

Download PDF Fiction Writing Master class: 

Write Like The Masters – William Canetumblr_nn9s5fMp7Q1uo4sopo1_1280


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