5 books for kids you should read without kids


Almost any book for kids can be a decent addition to popular self-help books. Almost all of them teach us in fact the same things: stay positive, look on the bright side, your friends and family are important, etc. So if you are tired from classic psychology or serious long reads, grab one of these tiny treasures and have a wonderful time reading!

P.S.: picture books rule!


«Click, clack, Moo: Cows That Type»

One of the Top 100 picture books for any age that can be easily read as a summary of “Grapes of wrath”. What is it about? Take a minute and have a look! Seriously, it’s more just cute cows that type 🙂



The best book on positive attitude ever. You are going to rethink many things in your life.


«Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes»

The book on accepting the reality and loving your “shoes” no matter what – whether they are wet, blue, or dirty. After all, these are your shoes. And this what makes them special.

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«The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?» and other books about this cute pigeon

Because they teach you how to negotiate deals. Really? Yeah, check it out.



All you should know about the world, kindness, and friendship in one legendary story with the cutest characters ever.