Drawspace review: are you an artist deep inside?

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 5 years old? Chances are pretty low that you were surfing the web, or chatting with friends all day long. Most likely, you created something new each day. In other words, you made art. Whatever art meant for you – from making sandcastles to building houses from legos. Chances are pretty high that you were also drawing. And, most importantly, you loved it back then!


As numerous psychologists say, we often do not loose our interest in art and craft. Usually, we lose the belief that we can actually make it. To put it simply, we start to see the works of others, we start to compare, and if we are not good enough – not like them – we give up on these. Which is, frankly, pretty sad, given that art can be meaningful, can heal, can cheer up you, even change your life! Just read about art therapy when you’ll have a minute and you’ll be surprised!


Learning to draw online

With this thought in mind, some enthusiasts created Drawspace and I was lucky to find them and try a few free lessons. It works like a charm. At the beginning of each lesson, you get a document full of step-by-step instructions along with beautiful illustrations and some inspiration to get you going. To be honest, I don’t see the better way to teach drawing online right now and I checked dozens of websites.

Why is it better that any book for a beginner?

Compare any book on drawing and Drawspace – the principles are quite the same. BUT Drawspace, as any online resource, help you to track the progress, motivate you to get going, remind you to stay on track. When so much is going on in your life, it’s easy to forget about your new passion. And it’s harder with the reminders in your e-mail, right?

Here is a trick – make one drawing a day, make it a 30 days challenge and it will become a new habit pretty soon. Then, just after you learned the basics online,  you can learn by books. What books? Look for the best book on drawing anything in the next posts. 

Learn to draw online (with free lessons!): https://www.drawspace.com/




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