12 priceless websites that can teach you something new every day

Learn something new every day is your favorite motto? Then you are in good company. As a strong fan of online education and useful websites as a great alternative to just surfing the Facebook’s feed for hours, I collected dozens of online resources you are going to love! It’s time to share them with you, so you can keep learning new things, cause honestly it’s never too late.


  1. BBC Future Why those diet tricks don’t work? Could two people repopulate the Earth? They have all the answers!
  2. 99U The Youtube channel on how to become more productive.
  3. The long read (The Guardian) The collection of serious, long articles to think about.
  4. TED The best resource full of precious videos about everything. More about TED and its value is going to be in the next posts.
  5. iTunes U If you have something by Apple, this should be the first app you download. It’s the best collection of online courses from the leading world universities, I’m telling you.
  6. Insightful Questions The best place for meaningful discussions with people from all over the world.
  7. Cerego The unique website that creates the personalized program for each user and teaches only those things you didn’t know before.
  8. CreativeLive The website for creative people who want to improve their skills or learn something new about photography, art, design, or music.
  9. Digital Photography School The first place any beginner in photography should visit. Add to your bookmarks!
  10. Umano The biggest collection of audio articles.
  11. Udacity Online courses that help you to get a nano degree in 6 months!
  12. Future Learn The great place t0 enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organizations.


Have you found some interesting for you? Or do you know some better website that offer free online education? Share with others in the comments below!


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