How to discover your boldest self

For many author recognition and feedback come after the book is published, but for Amy Cuddy it was another way around. Maybe you saw her TED talk that went viral a few years ago or at least heard about massive research on how our pose, gestures, and voice affects our behavior and even determine who we are.

If no, here is her super popular video about “power poses” that has galvanized tens of millions of viewers around the world:

Just after her successful presentation, Amy started to write a book that makes science, psychology, and a number of latest discoveries accessible for average readers who are interested in leading a better life. In this article, I want to share how her book full of valuable and new information, researches on various topics, and passion helped me and can help you to discover your boldest self and became present, leaving in the moment without fear of rejection and failure.


The first valuable advice Amy gives her readers seems to be obvious and intriguing at the same time: “fake it till you become it”. Backed up by years of research and Amy’s experience, this simple idea still seems to be too short for such a long book, but it works like a charm. Also, throughout the book are sprinkled the examples and letters from people all over the world that watched her TED talk and tried to sync their body and mind to become present. This is, according to Amy, is a secret to confidence, bold decisions, and generally happier life.


The lengthy book (352 pages and 10 hours if you choose the audio version), in fact, present you one simple idea I want to explain so you can avoid spending hours reading, basically, about the same concept over and over again.


When you don’t concentrate on things you know and can do, you are paralyzed by the fear of failure. However, when you know that you are good at this and that, you are present in the moment (Here and now!) blocking the annoying thoughts like “What am I saying?”, “What are they thinking about me right now?”, “Am I good enough?”. The combination of power poses + deep breathing and being yourself (but first, of course, you should find out who you are and what are your strengths) can work miracles. You are who you are. You are unique. And there is nothing that can break your self-esteem when you know that you deserve it and worth it. Synchronize your mind and body (here meditation can help) and make a list of your unique traits. And oh yeah, don’t let anyone tell you who you are. One critical review won’t make you worse or miserable. It’s you and only you who decide how you live and who you are.

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