Back to reading magazines – Flow

When was the last time you’ve read a magazine? Not an online magazine, not a Kindle version of a Wall Street Journal, but a real old-school paper magazine for creatives you can cut, and glue, and color? I stumbled on Flow magazines and books a few years ago and I didn’t miss a single edition since then.

Flow is just like those magazines from childhood because you can interact with it, have fun, and learn something new. It’s a magazine with hundreds of creative projects inside like:

  • sheets to practice beautiful handwriting
  • handmade postcards
  • cute notes
  • unique posters for the wall

“A magazine that takes its time” also features great articles that reminds us of what’s really important – taking your time to live and unplug at least once in a while. Topics range from mindfulness, meditation, and books to what’s going on in the world and how we can make it a little bit better. Flow is a magazine made with love and a magazine that can bring a little bit more love and peace into someone’s else life.

…When I cut those pictures to create a collage, laying on my carpet on a Sunday afternoon while listening to old vinyl records, I feel like a kid who just came back home from school. A kid who thought that art is important. A kid who devoted hours to reading, drawing, or cutting pictures. A kid who knew that the whole life is ahead and everything would be ok. Flow-magazine-review-stamps-Eclectic-Trend.jpg