DIY MFA Starter Kit (PDF Downloads!)

Writing is a unique field that welcomes self-starters. Steven Kind or Ray Bradbury didn’t have time or money for college – all they had were crappy minimum wage jobs and local libraries. Yet, I can’t name more talented, determined, and inspired American writers than those two. Can you?

Gabriela Pereira is young writer but she came up with a unique DIY MFA program, much needed nowadays. Writers are the people who most likely don’t have enough money to get a Master’s degree. A few years of university for just $19.99 sounds like a good deal, right?


All in all, I can say it’s a useful book worse every penny. It divides the whole school programs into three blocks – writing, reading, and building your community, and there is nothing you can’t do yourself, no teacher needed. Read good books, copy masters, practice a lot. These helpful PDF downloads are a great additional to a paper book and I highly recommend using them as well.While reading this book won’t make you a bestselling author, it can show what resources can help on this uneasy path.