5 books to read in under one hour (+Downloads!)

When it comes to coping with stress, nothing does it better than books. Reading for even 5-10 can significantly reduce stress, trigger imagination, and improve self-worth. Thus, reading one of these short books is guaranteed to make your day a little bit better!


BTW: On average, people read 300 words per minute, hence 18,000 words per hour, meaning that reading one book a day is totally possible!

The Fall of the House of Usher
Short story by Edgar Allan Poe
Time: 00:42
A mysterious, dark story by a famous American writer. Wanted to start reading classic books more? Here is a great short story to start!


Safety Tips for Living Alone

Jim Shepard

Time: 00:23

In 2014, it became an Amazon’s best book of the month. Unlike the first book, it’s a light and funny read for those days when you just want to relax.



Stephen King

Time: 00:21

A short masterpiece by a king of horror!

Guns by Stephen King, PDF download

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

 by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Time: 00:27

An author of One Hundred Years of Solitude wrote a lot of heart-wrenching books as well as short stories that give a good idea of his style. Must-read!

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings download pdf


by Chuck Palahniuk (Author)

Time: 00:23

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this book online, but you can get a Kindle edition for just $1.99 on Amazon.


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